Yes. It’s our fault

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I’m sure, and this might sound counter-intuitive being a woman, that the female gender itself is the one who limits and validates their somehow inferior position.

In observing and analyzing the women who surround me, I realized that it’s our fault and we should hold accountability for the inferior position we claim to have in today’s society.

How all started?

First of all, women are willing to deny their identity, health, and self-worth to have a particular physical look. They want to feel liked, and to gain this, they need the opposite sex’s approval. …

It’s quite common to hear that how we treat others is a clear indicator of our values. We are encouraged to pay attention to how someone treats people in a less powerful position than they are because that speaks about their true identity.

If politeness is nothing more than adornment and doesn’t care about morality, why do we consider our attitude towards others as an indicator of our values as a person?

What if politeness played a much bigger role than we think of? And what could we learn of politeness to enhance our reality?

What does it mean to be polite?

The issue with politeness is…

Limiting mindsets

There are some negative behaviors and patterns we all have deeply rooted in our psyche.

They are the ones that produce us the more significant harm. The ones that create problems in our relationships and that don’t let us live our life at our fullest potential.

Also, they are the ones that would make the biggest impact on our lives if we overcome them.

In my case, it was mistreating my body, mind, and soul with unhealthy habits. …

There is a reason why cliches don’t work

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In 2018 I wrote my BA’s thesis on how marketing campaigns that empower women actually have the opposite effect, only reinforcing a misogynist paradigm.

Femvertising is defined as the advertising that employs pro-female talent, messages, and imagery to empower women and girls.

By the time I did my thesis, I remember professors who actually praised femvertising as disruptive marketing strategy that helped women in the process of achieving equality with men.

Today, two years later and going through a pandemic, I still believe the empowerment approach is BS, and brands should avoid it at all costs.

Why women empowerment is BS:

Now, women are portrayed…

Luxury might have lost it’s luster, but it’s not going anywhere. Things are changing, but it will require more than a strong resale trend to erode the core values of the industry.

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Luxury fashion brands’ differential is supposed to be their scarcity, unique design, high price, and high-quality products. This, plus a strong storytelling, is what allows them to charge $1800 for a bag.

Last week, Gucci launched a shop with the resale platform, The RealReal.

What are the implications of this partnership? Is luxury’s luster fading? Is second hand another fad trend or it can be the future of fashion?

What are the motivations for luxury brands to join the movement?

Sustainability has become a top priority for almost every fashion company, and the resale opportunity fits well into these plans.

During the last years, brands have been migrating towards more sustainable…

Fashion acts as a reflection of our outside world

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Milan, Paris, and London Fashion Week had something in common: The return of the suit.

Yes. We can talk about trends like how black and white, together with pallets of earth tones, had a strong presence.

We can also talk about the comeback of some ugly shoes. Hermes and Louis Vuitton presented a runway alternative for crocs. To make everything less aesthetic, Balenciaga had its typical splippers, only now fluffy.

But, the suit it’s not a trend. It’s much more.

A new mood

I came to reject the notion of ‘trend.’

I don’t believe that color or a silhouette is fashionable or trendy…

In rejecting social media, I was rejecting myself

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2017 was the last year I uploaded a photo on my Instagram.

I stopped because I felt I had nothing interesting to share compared to the cool lives of others.

No, I wasn’t on yachts or having breakfast with a view in St. Tropez.

No, I wasn’t showing my six-pack after an intense workout.

No, I wasn’t going to cool parties and events.

Was that enough reason to stay out? No. And I’ll tell you why

Are you in the social media game?

You can choose to navigate the social media landscape consciously or unconsciously. Either way, you choose, you are part of it.

Every publication, story…

The hype between fashion and pasta is real

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This year Fendi’s invitation for their fashion show was a pasta box.

Only this time, instead of fusilli, you would find their monogram’s -FF- pasta inside.

Alice in Wonderland has the key to never get your content ignored again

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Let me take you back to your childhood by making a quick refresh on the story of Alice in Wonderland.

It begins when Alice decides to follow a white rabbit through a hole which lead her to subterranean hallway full of doors.

She finds a key to unlock a tiny door that opens to a special garden, but she can’t fit through the door. First, she finds a drink which shinks her. Later she eats a cake that makes her grow big.

Everything occurs in a magic world populated by bizarre and fantastic creatures where weird and absurd things happen.

Don’t think of writing any business plan until you cover this

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Last year, when I was doing my MA in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management, a professor claimed he would show us the top-notch strategy to test our business idea and understand it’s feasibility.

I usually doubt those generalizations.

Unless you have created a 1B exit startup, I won’t dare to make those claims. And not even there.

Ignorance is masked in certainty.

The business model canvas is a graphic template used by many entrepreneurs and business schools to describe a business model developed by Alexander Osterwalder and Ives Pigneur.

It’s a pretty visual tool with nine areas to cover, which…

When Plato Met Prada

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